Music Videos

Tell an engaging story with your music! Whether it's a simple "live" performance video set to music, or an intricate storyboard with plot-twists, we will do the pre-production it takes. Each video you see below was filmed in ONE single day. Let's get creative!

"Bring A Revival"

by Sound of the North

Filmed in a rural area of Minnesota, where we stumbled across random doors in the middle of the woods. We changed script entirely that day and centered the whole video around these interesting doors.

"All Creatures"

by Crosby Lane

Watch as the story of creation happens throughout this artful piece.

"I Wanna Be That Light"

by Larissa

A new classic with a storyline twist that will warm your heart :)

"Thinkin' Bout You"

by Edwin Miller

Take a trip inside the mind of a terrible breakup and the memories that can't be forgotten, that offer redemption. Filmed in the beautiful countryside of Tennessee.

"I Don't Need A Man"

by Larissa

For this project, we wanted to run with a playful 90's look. Think "Saved By The Bell". We did some carefully choreographed green screen magic on this one!

"Welcome to the Table"

by Larissa

Here's a unique patriotic story revolving around the Thanksgiving Holiday! We had some political fun at the end :)

"Love Me When I'm Gone"

by Larissa

Very cool country tune with childhood throwbacks and plenty of drama.

"Light Me Up Like Christmas"

by Larissa

Fun little romantic comedy for Christmas.

"Father Christmas"

by Vance Lambert

This is a simple vertical video with minimal effects. Notice the familiar band members who join in halfway through the song.